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My music is roots music in the sense that simple melodies are the key,                                         woven into rich fabrics of harmony and rhythm. ~ Greg Porée


Greg Porée

Greg Porée (c) Ezra Spurrier 2011

Whether at intimate live concerts or large festivals, Greg Porée’s music is always met with great joy and enthusiasm, often making people want to dance. His tunes have an international appeal and captivate a much broader audience than straight ahead jazz usually does.

As a guitarist and composer Greg is both a soloist and ensemble player. His repertoire consists mainly of his original jazz compositions, always including creative, fresh and lively inter-pretations of popular jazz standards – but never in a repetitive way.

For intimate settings, like high-end art acquisitions or private soirées, you can hire Greg as a soloist on classical guitar. You can also book the Greg Porée Trio, consisting of guitar, percussion and bass for smaller stages.

The Greg Porée Group is an expanded version of his trio: For larger festivals and venues he always brings an eclectic group of world-renowned musicians together, like Karen Briggs on violin or Patrice Rushen on keyboards.


What the press says:

Greg romances your spirit with wonderful chords and uplifting melodies that resemble colors of happiness.  ~ LeRoy Downs

The spirit and harmony between the musicians was one of complete unity as they communicated with their instruments, bodies, souls, and wooed the audience in the magic. One could not escape the feeling of elation, excitement, and oneness as we were basking in Jazz.  ~ Kim Vinson


For serious booking inquiries, availability and rates please contact:  Moontraxx Music Productions or fill in the contact sheet 

One thought on “EPK / Bookings

  1. Hi Greg,

    My name is Jinah, and my fiancee is a big fan of your music.

    Do you perform at weddings? If so, how much do you usually charge? We are planning for sometime in Fall of 2016.

    Thank you!

    Jinah Jung

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